extra dimensional  -  hand shaped  -  snow craft




Extra dimensional shapes 


Pow surf specific designs





Aerospace composites


Hardwood veneers

A la Carte upgrades

For customizable flex and weight


Science, art and dreams 


Built by Hand


One at a time


In Crested Butte Colorado, USA

Shop Groundswell Snow Craft

Groundswell Snow Craft boards are available for direct sales, straight from the lab in Crested Butte, Colorado.


Stock shapes are usually available for immediate sales.  Stock board prices from $550 


Custom Boards are built to order they take around a month to build and deliver depending on the design/materials and timing.


A la carte custom options include custom shapes, sizes, flex patterns material upgrades and top sheet and base materials and aesthetics.  Custom board prices from $600


Please use the contact form below for stock and custom board inquiries.