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Board care and maintenance 

Just like it takes some extra focus to shred without bindings, a bit of extra awareness is required to keep your Groundswell snow craft in mint condition.


The boards are bomber and with love will they will provide many, many seasons of surf smiles. 


- Maintenance Rule #1:  moisture is the enemy!  Bring your board inside and dry it out completely after EVERY surf.  If left outside to in below 0 conditions , any moisture that has made its way into the board is gonna freeze and expand, no bueno!  


- Maintenance Rule #2:  Be very aware of the potential damage snowmobile snowboard racks can do to these boards.  Under reasonable conditions, sure no problem, but if your'e gonna be blasting 10 miles of gnarly whoops at nascar speed get to the zone you probably want to consider an alternative carry method that won't put such a beating on the rails of your board.   


- The rack of choice around here, the brand that has carried our snowboards for more than a decade is CFR.  Groundswell snow craft boards will fit in the standard cfr snowboard bracket but its way more low impact to cary the board "flat", secured (traction side down) with 2 xxxl ski straps to the crossbars of your tunnel rack.  Flat cary wont damage the rails of your board and bonus, alows you to transport a whole stack of boards.     

- Maintenance Rule #3:  frequent applications of high quality paste wax to both the base and sidewalls will keep your board water tight and running fast !! 


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